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Improvement professionals know there can be no “kaizen” (improvement) without standard work. Above the Line’s sales training focusses on consistency in the execution of a standard sales process, and linking the sales process to the customer buying process. This combination has resulted in breakthrough results in our businesses.
Norm Purdy, Director of Business Improvement, JD Irving Limited
Thank you once again for such an excellent session today. I truly believe it helped us on many fronts — from the concepts you explained, to the ‘to do’ list it generated for more strategic discussions, to the free flowing conversation you facilitated. The skill and expertise you bring, and succinctly convey in just two hours, is something that I think would benefit more start-ups. And your handout — awesome!
Robyn Tingley, glassSKY
As a leading Global provider of Onboarding Automation Software for Payments, Wealth and Insurance; our professional account executives must work across departments, time zones and with external vendors to bring our customers home. Accelerating the advancement of the sale is critical to our success. We brought Lori Weir in to coach our seasoned Account Executives to increase the Velocity of the sale. A personal plan of action was developed and enacted over a 6 month period for each individual. The engagement with Lori brought clarity around each individual’s areas for improvement. Some took off like rockets, some took the door. If you’re struggling with getting traction with any part of your sales process, I highly recommend Lori’s services to help unlock the people who drive it.”
Mike Gardner, CEO, Agreement Express
We had the opportunity to engage and work with Lori Weir and her team at Above The Line over a one-year period on a few initiatives: 1. Lean Six Sigma Pilot 2. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Accreditation and 3. End-to-End Sales Process – This in-depth 5-month project produced some significant results for the business including:
a. Shortened sales cycle by more than 50%,
b. Improved close ratio by 20% and;
c. Increased average first year fees by nearly 100%.

I cannot say enough about the significant positive impact that our relationship with Lori and her team has had on our business, people and me included. I recommend them highly if you are looking for transformative change in your business, regardless of your industry. It was a large commitment and investment from a time and human resource perspective, but worth every bit of it!

Greg Fletcher, Managing Director, Scotia Wealth Management

Our Proven Methodology, Produces Results

1. MAP

Where are you heading? What’s driving you there? Can key players easily describe organizational alignment? Develop a one-page map of your strategy, your priority processes and your workforce.


How are you currently performing? How do you know? Measure what matters to see where improvements are needed.


Every improvement plan is solid, until it’s unleashed. Is your organization designed to lead and manage critical changes?


Improvement rate and disciplined management are tightly linked. What tools are at your disposal for monitoring performance: daily, weekly, quarterly? How equipped are your leaders to make timely decisions?

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