Cognitive Dissonance and Hubspot

This is the first of four short articles about holding an opposing point of view. Can you admire the author and hate the book? Love the book [...]

Why I’d Hire Blake Shelton – To sell anything

I've got some Voice fans at my house. It's not a huge problem.  There are many places I can go in the house to avoid the music [...]

Creativity and Innovation

A good friend of mine wrote an instructional book for life. The book was intended for his children to read and learn from; my friend was dying [...]

Achieving Results with Intangible Assets

As we move into a new year and prepare businesses plans and budgets for 2016, many are finding it hard to get inspired about the next few [...]

Tuning The Leadership Team Engine

Is your senior leadership team a fine tuned engine, getting regular maintenance and driving results. Or does it struggle to get all 8 horses pulling your organization’s [...]