Project Description

Project Brief

This 600 person publishing company, identified an opportunity to increase revenue by growing existing clients’ share of wallet. Above The Line was engaged to move the sales force’s focus from selling advertising, to providing customers with multi-product marketing solutions.

Primary goal: Grow the average size sale by increasing the number of multi-product sales.

Secondary goals: Increase the number of new accounts, and number of reactivated customer accounts.

Above The Line facilitated executive sessions to establish strategic priorities, identify Key Performance Indicators, and build internal supports for new ways of working.  Competency requirements were identified and a customized program called Closer to the Customer was developed and delivered to all employees involved in business development. Sales Managers were trained in a standard way to Coach on new tools and behaviours.  A group and 1-1 coaching calendar was put in place to support all involved.


Competency Requirements & Workforce Readiness

Developed and delivered sales curriculum
to entrench required sales behaviours.

Coaching To Achieve Sustainable Results

Managers were trained and coached in the PEAK Coaching process to ensure sustainable, long term results came out of the organizational changes.

Key Performance Indicators

New KPIs were created, bench-marked and reviewed daily, as a way
to connect sales training and coaching to what mattered most.

Strong Process

Both a sales process and a coaching process were established to encourage improved daily management.

Excellent Results

The client realized growth in a new product offering.