Project Description

Project Brief

A start-up building a subscription based on-line wealth management platform was in need of an identity, and a path to profitability.

Primary goals: Develop name, tag, story, visual, and value proposition.

Secondary goals: Develop client segments, value propositions and pricing strategy.

Name, Tag, Visual

Working with the founders, our facilitation process led to the creation of a name, tag line and visual. Representing what the company does in an obvious, yet compelling way.


Using a combination of market research and team facilitation, customer personas with specific value propositions were developed, and used to assist with pricing and messaging.


Stories sell. Using a straightforward template, we worked with the leadership team to create a story for each audience; using proven techniques for capturing both heart and mind.


For a Start-up, pricing at launch is critical. Known pricing strategies and tactics were considered, and used, to customize a pricing approach that complemented the identified path to profitability.

Brand Attraction =  look + say + do

Your Identity Should Be……

Obvious & Captivating


Build Awareness & Interest

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