Project Description

The Challenge

The Head Office of a national Wealth Management company that had recently gone through a merger, was feeling the pain associated with the volume of identified and in progress improvement projects.

The Solution

Above The Line worked with senior leaders to develop a process architecture for the business. Being able to see the business as a collection of processes, facilitated agreement on priority areas for improvement – from both a strategic and operational perspective.  During our engagement, three priority projects were selected for improvement. Our consultants trained and coached six high potential employees in Lean Six Sigma methods and tools, creating a standard way to improve and a common language to manage progress.

Working with the senior leadership team we established a clear connection between their strategy, Balanced Scorecard and management review process.  A basic process architecture was made available, with a table of prioritized processes and sub-processes.  Lean Six Sigma knowledge and capability was developed and made available inside the organization for ongoing improvements.

Visual management was put in place, increasing transparency of organizational expectations and real time performance.  Daily management habits were developed with KPI reviews at the operational level.

By the end of this 9 month project, the client completed three critical improvement projects that were successfully embedded into the organization. Capability in Project Management and Lean Six Sigma existed to manage a portfolio of improvement projects without over taxing the systems and people doing the day-to-day work.

Project Details

  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training & Certification
  • Operational Excellence Workshops for Senior Leader
  • 1-1 and Group Coaching

Management Consulting Categories:

  • Business Process
  • Strategic Change Management
  • Project Management



Mapped the value chain, the core tier 2 processes, and determined which processes were critical to achieving priorities as outlined in the company’s strategic plan.


Green Belts in training collected data relevant to improving core processes, to determine which processes were meeting business and client expectations.


Three critical projects were selected for improvement, and six high potential employees were selected to run the projects using Lean Six Sigma methods & tools.


Improvement projects were completed in four months, while monitoring of projects and result tracking continued for 90 days. Each of the projects delivered significant improvements. Including a decrease in dropped calls to the client contact center, even beating their initial target by 2%. An increase in sales of a new service solution, and higher adoption rates for new ways of work led by the national head office.