Project Description

Project Brief

A cooperative dairy based in Atlantic Canada committed to strengthening their succession plan, engaged Above The Line to build a Leadership Competency Model and Application Process. The output was a set of tools all managers understood and used for: 1. Recruitment/Selection  2. Performance Planning/Review, and 3. Professional Development/Coaching.

Ongoing use of the tools supported Workforce Planning, with employees being assessed on required skills for both the current and future success of business.

Excellence in Execution

Competency Requirements & Workforce Readiness

Leadership competencies were developed based on the company’s strategy, values, and operational plans. All employees were assessed within one year, as part of the performance planning and review process. Giving the company a starting point for career pathing and succession planning.

The leadership competency model brought process and objectivity to decisions that are often difficult because they involved key people and key roles.

Performance Planning & Review

Managers were trained on the Performance Planning & Review process.  They were provided with easy to use forms for assessing leadership & technical competency. An approach for having and tracking conversations about specific ways employees have demonstrated the company’s values was also highlighted.

Competency Development

Having six leadership competencies, each with specific measurable behaviours; ensured development plans were focused and much easier to coach on. .

Succession & Workforce Readiness

At the center is a focused Leadership Competency Model, and an easy to use Performance Planning, Review & Development Process.

Excellent Results

The client was able to turn a “who” conversation into a “competency” conversation; as they strengthened the organizations people power.