Project Description

The Challenge

A 30 person SaaS company selling in Canada, UK and the US was looking to accelerate the cycle time of their sales process.

The Solution

Above The Line was engaged by the client to assess and build sales force capability.

Project Details


  • Competency assessment
  • Skills development plan
  • 1-1 and group coaching

Management Consulting Categories:

  • Revenue Generation
  • Workforce Planning & Development



Worked with the client’s existing sales process.


Key process indicators and custom targets were in place for each sales person. The CEO was aware of progress at critical decision points in the process.

The Top 3 High Risk Opportunities were identified for each sales person.


 Each sales person was assessed in both their understanding and their experience using 12 Sales Competencies and associated behaviours. A customized development plan was created based on the results. Individuals received in person and Skype coaching focused on helping them meet their targets.


As the six month coaching contract with Above The Line was winding down; individual coaching plans were transitioned to the Senior Sales Manager for continued support.

Client Satisfaction

“As a leading Global provider of Onboarding Automation Software for Payments, Wealth and Insurance; our professional account executives must work across departments, time zones and with external vendors to bring our customers home. Accelerating the advancement of the sale is critical to our success.
We brought Lori Weir in to coach our seasoned Account Executives to increase the Velocity of the sale. A personal plan of action was developed and enacted over a 6 month period for each individual. The engagement with Lori brought clarity around each individual’s areas for improvement. Some took off like rockets, some took the door.
If you’re struggling with getting traction with any part of your sales process, I highly recommend Lori’s services to help unlock the people who drive it.”
Mike Gardner, CEO, Agreement Express