Project Description

The Opportunity

Create a World Class Industrial Service organization, growing both revenue and margins, by skilling managers to lead & support their sales people – in using new sales methods and tools.

The Solution

Above The Line was engaged by the client to ensure Sales Managers were supported with proper training and coaching to meet the company’s sales targets.  The company was moving towards being a solution provider vs a product vendor, helping clients generate requirements vs simply meeting them.

This required management to be skilled in leading their sales people through this culture change, one behaviour at a time. As a result we focused on building a coaching competency with Sales Managers, using the PEAK behavioural coaching method. Sales Managers coached employees real time during this 3 month program. Beginning with ride along sales calls to identify opportunities.

PEAK Coaching

Pinpoint – critical behaviours to start/stop, awareness of what one is doing and the effect is often enough to realize immediate change

Explore – the activators and consequences for desired/undesired behaviours including existing processes, methods, rewards. These conversations led to changing internal constraints to sales people enacting solution selling behaviours.

Agree – on the need for improvement and the creation of a development plan

Kaizen – continuously improve with scheduled 1-1 coaching conversations

Project Details


  • Sales Management Training Curriculum Development & Delivery
  • 1-1 and group coaching
  • Leaders Alignment Workshop – connecting new skill development with the sales & performance management processes and the company’s balanced scorecard.

Management Consulting Categories:

  • Business Process
  • Human Resource
  • Revenue Generation
  • Strategic Change