I’ve got some Voice fans at my house. It’s not a huge problem.  There are many places I can go in the house to avoid the music and over the top drama. Last night, after a particularly long, tiring day,  I succumbed to the lure of the couch and let the box do its job. Folks, I watched the Voice. Whether you love or hate this show, one thing I can say with certainty, is that the judges present text book lessons in how to be more skilled at influencing.

Enter Blake Shelton.  For seasoned sales people and those who must influence every day to make the world a better place, I encourage you to take five minutes and watch an expert guide another individual to his way of thinking.

If you want to feel like you’re not just watching YouTube while working.  Take out a piece of paper and write down along the left hand column, a typical buyer’s journey:

Buyer’s Journey

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Evaluation
  • Purchase/Contract
  • Use
  • Advocate

As  you watch this short video (starting at 2:30 gets you to the heart of the sales lesson), make a few notes at each stage, describing what Blake does to influence the singer Peyton Parker to chose him as her coach.


Although we don’t witness the entire buyer’s journey enacted in this video, here are a few highlights from the stages we do see.

Awareness: Blake understands his target client, country vs urban folk. He leverages his brand throughout the buyers’ journey.

Interest: He connects with people at a personal level, making them feel at ease and comfortable at a time when they are clearly out of their comfort zone. Blake picks up on the answers from other coaches’ questions and uses this information to show the contestant he truly understands them.

Evaluation: Distinguishes himself as a coach whose helped 4 out of 10 contestants win.

Contract: As contestants consider their choice of coach, Blake has a trademark move of pointing down to himself, a hard to ignore Call To Action.

Winning people to your way of thinking, to buy your product or select your service, is a multi-stage journey involving the heart and head. To improve your win rate, each stage can and should be mapped, measured, monitored and managed.

Where on the journey do you and your company excel? Where do you fall down? Not sure, email us to receive a free assessment to complete with your team.

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